Watch Madonna Call COVID-19 A “Great Equaliser”, While Sitting In A Bath Of Rose Petals

"Celebrities like Rihanna and Ciara giving back to their communities and there you have Madonna in a milk bath doing spoken word."

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Over the last week, we’ve seen countless celebrities send out messages of comfort and support as we all deal with the anxiety and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, some of these have been more successful than others: the music industry’s live-steamed Isol-Aid festival was a genuinely bright spot of comfort and laughter, while Gal Gadot’s celebrity-corralling ‘Imagine’ video should never have seen the light of day.

Madonna’s effort, we’re sad to say, falls in the latter category. In an Instagram video, the Queen of Pop delivers her message of comfort from a milky bath complete with floating rose petals, telling fans — without any trace of self-awareness or irony — that COVID-10 is a “great equaliser”.

“That’s the thing about COVID-19,” she says, while menacing piano plays underneath. “It doesn’t care about how rich you are, how famous you are, how funny you are. How smart you are, where you live, how old you are, what amazing stories you can tell.

“It’s the great equaliser and what’s terrible about it is what’s great about it. What’s terrible about it is that it’s made us all equal in many ways, and what’s wonderful about it,is that it’s made us all equal in many ways.”


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No-Discrimination- Covid-19!! #quarantine #covid_19 #staysafe #becreative #brianeno

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Of course, this is complete bullshit. Rather than level society, coronavirus is harshly exposing the class struggles that most people ignore in simpler times. The wealthier among us stockpile food, gain access to crucial testing quickly, and can weather an economic downturn without facing any lasting consequences.

So needless to say, Madonna’s bath-petal oration was not well received.

“It’s not an equaliser at all,” a fan wrote on Instagram. “There will never be an equaliser — the disparity will be even worse after this. The rich will be richer and the poor poorer.”

Well, at least she didn’t sing ‘Imagine’.