“I’mma Go Harder”: Macklemore Hits Back At “Angry Old White Dudes In Australia”

Macklemore vs. Tony Abbott.

In case you’ve missed it in the confusing maze of absurd bullshit that is Australian politics, conservatives are extremely mad at the fact that Macklemore is going to be performing his number one song ‘Same Love’ at this year’s NRL grand final.

The US rapper is going to perform four songs during his NRL and it makes sense one of them would be ‘Same Love’, his third highest selling single in Australia after ‘Can’t Hold Us’ and ‘Thrift Shop’. But because we’re holding a postal plebiscite on marriage equality, and nothing makes sense anymore, conservative commentators and politicians have gotten very riled up.

A petition against his performance was tweeted out by Miranda Devine and endorsed by Tony Abbott.

This morning the attorney-general, George Brandis, described Abbott’s comments as “bizarre”.

“I thought Mr Abbott believed in freedom of speech,” he said.

Now Macklemore has fired back at the haters, promising to “go harder” in response to the backlash.

Speaking on the US radio show The Cruz Show, Macklemore addressed the incredibly dumb controversy in Australia.

“I’m actually going out to Australia to perform at kind of the Super Bowl of their rugby league,” he said.

“And it’s interesting actually ’cause I’m gonna play ‘Same Love’ and they’re going through right now trying to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia. So I’m getting a lot of tweets from angry old white dudes in Australia. Today I think there is a petition to ban me from playing.

“It’s interesting times in Australia and I’m heading on a flight over there later tonight.”

In response to one of the show’s host encouraging him to “go harder” because “that ‘Same Love’ needs to go worldwide”, Macklemore said “I’mma go harder!”.

Good on him for doubling down and referring to Abbott et al. as “angry old white dudes”. And congratulations to Tony Abbott for achieving the impossible: uniting the country behind Macklemore.