Machine Gun Kelly Fought With A Fan After Getting Booed At Festival Set

Sounds like a pretty standard MGK set.

machine gun kelly louder than life fight photo

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Barely a week after he kicked off a weird beef with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Machine Gun Kelly is back on the front page after a volatile appearance at a festival over the weekend.

The pop-punk artist was reportedly booed throughout his set at Kentucky’s Louder Than Life festival — perhaps there were a few Slipknot fans there? — and then, when he came down for a brief interaction with fans in the photo pit midway through, got into a physical altercation with a number of people. Watch the footage below.

It’s not the only fight he’s been in recently — at the recent MTV VMA’s, he and Conor McGregor got into a little scuffle on the red carpet. It’s unclear exactly what kicked off the Louder Than Life fight, but perhaps the fan didn’t take too kindly with MGK picking a fight with Taylor.

If you missed that bizarre Taylor beef, it all kicked off last week with MGK hurled some shit at the band who were playing at the same time across the field at Riot Fest. “You all want to know what I’m happy that I’m not doing?” MGK asked the crowd during this set. “Being 50 years old wearing a fucking weird mask on the fucking stage. Fucking shit.”

MGK was apparently responding to comments Taylor had made earlier in the year about him (Taylor essentially said that Kelly had “failed at one genre” and decided to go rock). A short time after the onstage comments, the beef moved to Twitter, with MGK claiming that Taylor wrote a “fucking terrible” verse for his album, which was scrapped — and that was the reason why Taylor shit-talked him in the first place.

The two continued to fire shots at each other on Twitter — Taylor called him a “child”, while MGK finished it off with “don’t hate on the youth”.