Mac DeMarco And Mitski Have Buried The Hatchet, So Chill Out, Cowboys

Turns out 'nobody' cared about this feud but the Mitski super-fans.

Mitski and Mac DeMarco

The news cycle has moved so quickly in 2019, most of you probably already forgot about the storm in a teacup that was the announcement of Mac DeMarco’s new album.

In case you missed it, the album is called Here Comes the Cowboy and its lead single is entitled ‘Nobody.’ Just a year prior, beloved indie darling Mitski released her critically-acclaimed Be the Cowboy album – which, of course, featured the huge song ‘Nobody.’ And boy, did people get mad about it.

Not Mitski, of course. She took the whole thing in her stride, tweeting about it back at the start of March.

She then followed that up with perhaps the most important question in the whole discourse:

Why indeed.

In a newly-published interview with Huck, DeMarco himself has weighed in for the first time about the whole ordeal. Claiming to have never heard Be the Cowboy prior to the non-troversy, he has since listened and become a fan.

“It’s really cool,” said DeMarco of the album.

“I think we might even cover one of the songs because it would be fun, and we could try to make sense of the situation.”

What’s more, the two have been texting and have developed a friendship.

“I talked to her for a while – we were texting yesterday,” says DeMarco. “She had the same outlook. I was like, “It’s so crazy that it’s a similar title.” I don’t show anybody my record ’til I hand it in.”

“Even if I had known, I don’t think I would’ve changed it. I didn’t think people were gonna run with it that far. It’s ridiculous. It’s just music. Mitski’s song and my song sound eons different. Most of the people talking about it didn’t even listen to my song.”

Mac remains hopeful that this unexpected crossing of wires will result in the two maintaining their bond as they no doubt cross paths on the festival circuit moving forward.

“She seems really cool,” he says. “Maybe I get to have a new friend or someone I can see at a festival and go, ‘Wassup?!'”

Here’s hoping, Mac. What the world needs now is love. Giddy up and listen to both Mac and Mitski’s ‘Nobody”s below.