Lyle Shelton Is Losing His Shit Because ‘My Little Pony’ Now Features Lesbian Horses

To reiterate: eat shit Lyle.

my little pony

Lyle Shelton has been keeping a close eye on My Little Pony of late, and he’s not happy with what he’s seeing. Yesterday, he took to Twitter to call upon conservatives to rise up and push back against the show’s recent introduction of lesbian cartoon horses, which he clearly fears.

“We said indoctrinating your children & your grandchildren would be a consequence of [same-sex] ‘marriage’,” the famously heterosexual manbaby wrote on Twitter.

“It’s a brave new world folks & we need to push back while we still can. Sitting outside politics is no longer an option for conservatives.” He then linked to an article about the gay cartoon horses in question, who are introduced to the show as the lesbian aunts of a young pony named Scootaloo.

Somehow, Shelton’s call to action has failed to inspire the masses. Instead, he’s getting absolutely roasted. Not for watching My Little Pony, of course — his right to identify as a Brony must be preserved — but for continuing to act as if the very concept of gays, let alone gay cartoon horses, is a threat.

The people have mobilised very quickly to tell Shelton to eat shit, which is unsurprising given that they’ve had so much practice. The man just keeps tweeting baffling and terrible things, and he’s only going to have more time to tweet after his failed Senate run.