Lunch Club! Despite Our Memes, Beyonce Cheated On Us With New Zealand

She did the 'haka'. It's incredible.

She’s been in our country for less than a week, but it’s already safe to say, like some kinda annoying sports announcer, that excitement has reached fever pitch. Australia, we’ve been Beyonce’d.

Her unexpected appearance yesterday on a seedy side street in Melbourne’s Brunswick confused elderly local homeowners, caused copycat amateur photoshoots, and launched the amazing overnight Tumblr, Beyonce In Brunswick.





Unfortunately, she seems to do this to everyone. In sad evidence that just hit her YouTube channel (but probably should’ve stayed hidden considering all the special moments we’ve shared in the past 24 hours), Beyonce was in Auckland last week, canoodling with our adorable hobbit cousins. She did the haka. It was pretty awesome.

Should we start a war? Beyonce belongs to us.