Diplo, Sia, And Labrinth Have Formed A Supergroup And Their First Song Is Incredible

It's called 'Genius', because of course it is.


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Adelaide’s own Sia, dance producer Diplo, and English rapper Labrinth have linked up for a new collaborative project called LSD — taking the first letters of each of their names, geddit?

Sia has worked with both artists before — she cut an early version of ‘Elastic Heart’ with Diplo, and worked with Labrinth on the Wonder Woman track ‘To Be Human’ — but this is the first time the three artists have worked together on a single project. According to Diplo, LSD started when he was invited into the studio to write with Labrinth and Sia.

‘Genius’ is the first piece of music from the group and it’s goood.

There’ll be plenty more music from LSD soon enough — they’re releasing another track called ‘Audio’ next week, and they’re reportedly getting ready to release an album (release date and title are still under wraps).

Listen to ‘Genius’ below.