A UK Woman Is Convinced A ‘Love Island’ Contestant Stole Her Daughter’s Handbag

We stand behind Carol.

love island andrew

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Twitter isn’t always a pleasant place to be, but moments like these? They almost make it feel worth it.

Love Island UK took to the social media platform this week to announce their new contestants, including a shirtless man introduced as “Hot new property: International real-estate agent Andrew”.

But it didn’t take long for a user named Carol McGee to swoop in with a sobering observation. “He looks like the man who stole my daughters handbag in Sainsbury’s,” she remarked, a statement that — at the time of writing — amassed nearly 200 retweets.

Carol didn’t stop there. “Can you confirm please if he was in Bristol Sainsbury’s on March 12 Love Island,” Carol added, resolute in her commitment to finding the bag thief, and confident that Love Island had eyes on this man during that time.

Not everyone was quite as confrontational. Twitter user @RyanGSoapKing11 responded: “Welcome to the show Andrew — his face looks familiar have I seen him somewhere before?” Without missing a beat, Carol simply replied: “Yes Bristol Sainsbury’s.”

In a video posted to the same account, we get to hear from the man himself, who explains he’s “usually a relationship type person, to be honest… usually very very faithful,” before bursting into laughter. He does seem odd, Carol.

They video also suggests that Andrew is quite an unprofessional real estate agent. “I’ve definitely hooked up with clients whilst doing a viewing,” he says. “Security did actually kick us out, and it did actually mean that I was banned from a building.” Now, we’re not taking sides here, but it does sound like Andrew has had a run-in with the law before.

“Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Carol,” tweeted a man called Fareed, “but Andrew was in Dubai on March 12, so it seems your perpetrator is still at large.”

“Ok thanks,” Carol replied, tacking on a thumbs up emoji, before doing her due diligence and adding, “are you sure?”

At the time of writing, we’re still trying to work out whether or not Andrew was in Sainsbury’s on March 12 .