All The Best Reactions To The Beautiful Mess That Is Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’

"Amber saying she is marrying her best friend is sending me. Ma'am you are marrying your debt relief sex buddy. "


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Love Is Blind on Netflix can really only be described as a beautiful nightmare — a show that’s so bad that it’s actually amazing.

If you don’t know what the dating show is about it, Love Is Blind is a social experiment where single people propose to their potential spouses in 10 days based on conversation alone. With men and women housed separately, the some 30 singles have to speed date through “pods” that join the two living quarters together. Once couples have proposed, they’re whisked away on a honeymoon then return to live together and get married.

Sadly the 10-episode series comes to an end tomorrow, where we’ll find out if any of the five remaining couples will actually make it down the aisle. While there are some pairings who are pretty much a sure thing, like Lauren and Cameron, the fate of the couples is still very much up in the air. Kenny and Kelly have yet to have sex, Barnett is skeptical about Amber’s giant debt and the whole unemployment thing, Giannina and Damian won’t stop fighting and Jessica and Mark are… well, Jessica and Mark.

In the lead up to what’s going to be a super juicy finale, we’ve rounded up all the best reactions to the season so far.

Of course, most chatter online is about 34-year-old Jessica’s obsession with age, and her partner Mark’s total blindness to her trash-ass behaviour. Even though Jessica really tried to make everyone hate their 10-year age gap, no one had a problem with it at all, which is very funny. Plus her constant attempts to make Barnett try to admit feelings for her is so cringe-worthy that it has actually become quite enjoyable.

Beyond Jessica and Mark’s mess of a relationship, Giannina’s absolutely savagery towards her fiancé Damian is probably the best part of the show. People just can’t seem to get over the fight between the pair where Giannina basically told Damian that his sex game was absolute shithouse.

As a result of Kenny and Kelly being pretty boring and forgettable, there aren’t many reactions about the couple. But there are many about Amber and Barnett, with conversation around Amber’s huge debt taking centre stage.

While visiting Barnett’s home, Amber revealed that she not only had a $20,000 student loan she hadn’t made any payments to, but also a maxed out makeup credit card, no job, and the aspiration to be a stay at home mum. Oh, and she called Barnett out for not making his bed despite him being a, you know, grown adult who actually works.

Anyway, as we bask in the the enjoyable mess that is Love Is Blind, we can all just pray that Cameron and Lauren make it through the wedding and married life in the finale.

Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix, with the final episode coming out on the 27th of February.