Lots Of Internet Manbabies Are Very Upset About The New All-Female ‘Ghostbusters’ Line-up

Who you gonna call? A waaaaahmbulance, probably.

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Yesterday the all-female cast of the upcoming Ghostbusters remake was finally announced, and it’s gotten a pretty positive response; OG (original Ghostbuster) Dan Aykroyd said the line-up was “magnificent,” and fellow Buster of Ghosts Bill Murray got two of his wish-list actors.

What Aykroyd and Murray neglected to consider, however, is what remaking a movie with women cast in the place of men will do to the manbabies of the internet and their tender, pastry-fragile Feelings. Because nothing in this world is more predictable than dudebros finding an excuse to whine about how The Womens ruin everything, the announcement was met with a storm of tantrums from the kind of people who always seem to get stuck next to on the bus.

First women ruin our game of Government, then they get their ruiner hands all over that classic movie about men in jumpsuits spraying ghosts with goo! Why must you destroy everything good and pure, women? Can’t you see what it does to my emotions?! My emotions.

Someone also managed to string their feels into an article titled ‘My Hatred Of The New Ghostbusters Cast Is Not Anti-Feminist,’ which, I kid you not, contains this quote: “Women suddenly becoming Ghostbusters, it just don’t feel right. There’s a piece of me that wants them to stay the Gatekeepers or the damsels in distress. Not because I don’t think that is their purpose in life, it’s just what I want from my Ghostbusters.”

It’s also paired with this feature image.

See? He doesn’t hate women! He loves boobs! Women have boobs! Ergo, he loves women! Checkmate, ladies.

Let’s all go home.

Feature image via Twitter.