Oh No, Online Degenerates Are Thirsty For The Sexy Robot From ‘Lost In Space’

"Danger, Will Robinson."

Lost in Space

In the latest news from the exceptionally and unabashedly horny corner of the internet, people have started getting hot and bothered about the thicc robot from the new Lost In Space reboot. I mean, sure. Why not?

Lost In Space is a new Netflix Original, and a remake of Irwin Allen’s classic 1968 TV show of the same name. It follows the story of the Robinson family who get stranded on an alien planet and must struggle to survive.

On that planet they discover a mysterious and mostly benevolent robot, who befriends the little boy and generally helps out. In fact, the robot utters the famous catchphrase from the series “Danger, Will Robinson”.

The robot has been invented to basically be a nice metal friend for a tiny boy. But because we’re all degenerates who are going to hell, people are getting horny for it.

Perhaps the “danger” he is warning of is our incredible and creepy thirst.

To be honest, the robot DOES look quite similar to the horny fish-man from the Oscar winning film The Shape of Water, and people were also hot for him. 

Perhaps what we’re looking at is a re-contextualisation of what makes a Hollywood hunk in 2018. Perhaps abs and biceps and human heads are out, and it’s all about creepy robot fishes with firm, inhuman butts.

Netflix itself has noticed that people want to fuck the friendly robot, and they are enabling it like cowards.

Honestly, just end the world, we’re done.

Lost In Space is currently streaming on Netflix.