Lorde Has Gone Viral For Shushing People During Her Sets

Bet you rue the day you shushed a writer in the dark.

Lorde Shushing

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Multiple videos have surfaced of Lorde signalling for her audience to shut the hell up during her live performances.

The Kiwi singer-songwriter has been seen multiple times over the years quieting her fans during her rendition of ‘Writer In The Dark’ — a 2017 track from Melodrama that reflects on the spite and process of moving on from an ex-lover.

It’s a stripped-back song, steeped in deep instrumentals, and is incredibly reliant on her hearty, edgy vocals. When performed live, Lorde clearly wants to convey its original gravitas — so much so that she won’t let the crowd sing along with her.

The original clip came from an a capella Auckland performance in 2017, with multiple other instances resurfacing after the throwback went viral last week.

Now, the reaction has been predictably split. Some are saying that the die-hard audience that has paid to be there, should be able to fully experience the set by singing along with her. Others have pointed out that with the way some people sound out there, you can really hear people screwing up her acoustics — especially since it’s such a pared-back track.

Nevertheless, TikTok and Twitter are having a field day in meme-ing her new signature moves: the stop-sign, and iconic finger to the lips.