Lorde Responds To Backlash Over ‘Shushing’ People During Her Sets

"That dramatic ass move was literally for an album called 'Melodrama'."

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Lorde has emerged from the ether to address viral videos of her shushing people at her concerts.

The Kiwi singer-songwriter has been seen multiple times over the years quieting her fans during her performance of ‘Writer in the Dark’ — a track from Melodrama. Please enjoy the compilation below for context.

Without any context, the videos probably make it seem like Lorde is some sort of diva who can’t stand to hear anyone’s voice other than her own, which is probably why they’ve pulled some backlash. But ‘Writer In The Dark’ is a stripped back track where her vocals very much take centre stage.

Yesterday, the singer emerged immediately post-slumber to address the situation. “OK, I just woke up. I just wanted to talk about this thing of me shushing people at my shows,” she begins. “That was something I did in that one song, a couple of times, when I wanted to sing it a cappella and/or off the microphone so people could hear me, and because I wanted to try something different.

“If you come to my shows then you know it’s an hour and a half of all of us singing and screaming together,” before finishing, “Also, that dramatic ass move was literally for an album called Melodrama, so don’t stress too hard.”

Notably, a bunch of people responded Lorde’s video with the words “SHE’S BRITISH?” No.

Look, as far as we’re concerned, Lorde doesn’t need to explain anything. But we’re fascinated by her choice of mise-en-scène. Completely unbothered, lying on her stomach, her eye mask pushed up to her forehead. It’s the cosiest ‘star responds to backlash’ video we’ve seen for quite some time.