Lorde’s Dropped Her New Single And The Memes Are Simply Too Good

"A stunning betrayal of Lorde's southern hemisphere roots to release a summer bop in the depths of winter."

lorde solar power photo

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Well, a mere matter of days after Lorde teased her new single, ‘Solar Power’, it is already here.

Yep, turns out that fans didn’t have to wait that long to hear the new single from the New Zealand pop wunderkind. First we got the cover, and then today, in the early hours of the morning, we got the new single and its accompanying video, depicting Lorde dancing around a beach while surrounded by a group of sun-kissed back-up dancers.

The song is an unabashedly joyful summer bop, a celebration of the good vibes that come when the sun starts to shine and the weather turns warm. “I hate the Winter,” the singer begins. “Can’t stand the cold.

Just as poignant is the moment when the singer calls herself a “prettier Jesus“, celebrating herself and her ingenuity while the instrumentation whirls around her.

And along with the song has come a brand new swathe of memes, as Lorde fans have celebrated their hero’s return with a deluge of reactions, many of them from Australian fans taking joking umbrage with the fact that this Summer anthem has dropped in the middle of our freezing Winter.

Dive in below, and see you in the beach cult.

Turns out Lorde fans really know their meme game.