The Best And Most Chaotic Memes About Lorde’s New Release, ‘Solar Power’

"New Lorde era incoming personality about to update."

lorde solar power reactions photo

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Well, the wait is finally over — four years since the release of her last record, Melodrama, Lorde is finally teasing new music.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating signs of activity from the pop wunderkind ever since she teased that something was coming soon in an email update sent last year. Admitting to being burnt out from touring, Lorde promised that something was on the horizon. “Waiting, the thing that felt so pointless and annoying when I was young, is now this kind of delicious activity,” she wrote in the update.

“In my opinion, the greatest treat I can give you is work that will last ten, twenty, thirty years. And that kind of work takes time. So if you can, I’d like for you to try tuning in to the time spent waiting for something of the highest quality to arrive. Enjoy the sensation as it builds. When the moment comes, our wave will crest super fucking high. I can tell you, this new thing, it’s got its own colours now. If you know anything about my work, you’ll know what that means.”

Now, it seems like that wave is finally cresting — this morning, Lorde updated her website with a single image, and the promise that the wait was over.

The image, which depicts someone — Lorde herself? — striding over the camera, is emblazoned with the words, ‘Solar Power’. Sounds like that’s the name of her new single, which should be dropping… Well, who knows? Sometime soon, presumably.

Understandably, in the hours since the website was updated, fans have been going positively wild, sharing their reactions online.

Stay tuned for more Lorde news as it comes in.

Photo Credit: @lordesloveless