Lorde, Onion Ring Queen, Just Demolished ‘Hot Ones’ Without Breaking A Sweat

"People are shocked by this but you don't write 'Liability' without being close friends with pain itself."

lorde hot ones photo

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There has never been a reason to doubt the power of New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde.

The young prodigy, beloved by David Bowie, has carved out one of the most distinctive discographies in modern pop. She’s a singular talent, one brimming with a supernatural pull — how else to explain the magic of ‘Solar Power’, her latest single, than by pointing to its elusive magic?

And now, Lorde has further dispelled the doubts of the haters with a truly spellbinding performance on Hot Ones.

For those not in the know, Hot Ones is one of the biggest YouTube talkshows in the world. In it, guests as varied as David Harbour and Steve-O must consume a series of increasingly spicy wings, all while fielding tricky, well-researched questions. It’s a perfect example of what can be done with a gimmick, the way that the one-note can be expanded outwards to become career-spanning and genuinely inventive.

Not that every guest has been able to face up to the sheer titanic horror of the spicy wings. Famously, DJ Khaled bottomed out before finishing the course of food, an indignity he has not been able to live down.

But not only did Lorde answer the questions of host Sean Evans with grace and good humour, she absolutely demolished those wings. The young musician barely even broke out in a sweat, chowing down on the food without a care in the world.

“This is a really delicious lunch,” Lorde says in a clip that has now gone uber-viral over on Twitter. “I’m not gonna lie.”

Evans, for his part, can barely summon anything more than a subdued, “wow” and a glance right at the camera.

Of course, devoted Lorde fans saw this coming. “People are shocked by this but you don’t write ‘Liability’ without being close friends with pain itself,” Twitter user @JPBrammer wrote.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Watch the full interview with Lorde here: