Numbers Of Lonely, Single Men Are On The Rise Due To Women Having Standards

"If women knew their worth, most men would be single."

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A recent article published by Psychology Today reports that numbers of lonely, single, heterosexual men are on the rise due to increasing relationship standards, and unfortunately, this is very funny.

“Men need to address skills deficits to meet healthier relationship expectations,” reads one of the articles key points, which is very serious, and all the best to these men.

The author of the article, Greg Matos, says there are three cultural trends which is contributing to the rise of men who are sad, single, and straight: men outnumber women on dating apps, relationship standards are increasing, and men are lacking key relationship skills.

And as straight women don’t really need men anymore, Matos suggests that they are no longer putting up with it: choosing singledom over being with with a dud.

It’s hardly surprising — for years, studies have found that when it comes to heterosexual relationships, men tend to benefit from the effects of marriage more than women. Recent studies also suggest that single women without children are much happier than married women with children, likely because they tend to have better social networks outside of their romantic relationships than men do.

So, it looks like all the chickens are coming home to roost. Here are some of our favourite social media reactions to the news: