This Comedian Made A Video Of Her Best Youtube Comments And It Will Absolutely Ruin You

"Too much women stuff".

Logan Guntzelman Comedy Central

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If you’re a woman in comedy, there’s one thing you can rely upon, like the phases of the moon, like taxes, like sweet death itself: and that’s the cursed comments of men.

It sounds hyperbolic, but lurking in any comments section, on any medium, like a scurrying mass of bugs under a noble rock, is just a swarm of men who feel the need to engage with whatever comedic content has been posted.

Imagine having a thought and keeping it to oneself? Revolutionary.

Anyway, Logan Guntzelman is a Los Angeles based comedian and writer, who recently had a Comedy Central stand-up special, which from the few snippets and things I have managed to find seems very very funny (the video is not available in our cursed country).

Instead of not reading the cursed comments section, she waded deep into them — and created perfect content.

Guntzelman describes it as a “poorly edited music video of the best YouTube comments on my set” and it’s glorious. The fact that it’s set to Céline Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’ is an indication of how wonderful this video is.

Let’s watch it.

“Too much women stuff” says one commenter. My favourite is the weird German celebrity rabbit hole we went down. By far the most cursed part is when it devolves into a conversation about how far sperm can be launched. Fun!

I’mm gonna watch it again.