Here Are The Best Parties Celebrating The End Of Sydney’s Lockouts

Get ready to party like it's 2014.

lockout laws sydney

Well, it’s finally happening: today, Sydney’s controversial lockout laws are being repealed.

It’s been almost six years since the laws were first introduced by now-departed NSW Premier Mike Baird (remember him?). Ostensibly designed to curb rates of violence following a spree of assaults around the city, the lockout laws instead decimated Sydney’s nighttime economy.

In a climate that’s already hostile to creatives, thanks to the punitive measures of our Liberal government, the laws made it nigh-on impossible for culture or music to thrive. A spate of venues closed down over those six years, including but not limited to Cargo Bar and The Soho.

Worse still, there’s little to suggest that the lockout laws actually did anything. A new report released in June of last year revealed that any decrease in violence could be linked to a massive decrease in foot traffic, rather than some targeted success of the laws.

Well, now, finally, over half a decade since they were imposed, the laws are dead. And what better way to celebrate the end of a punitive and restriction legislation than having a good old fashion party?

The lockout lifted celebrations begin in earnest tonight, with some carrying on over the weekend. For a full list of all the parties going down in Sydney, check this list below.

End Of Lockouts Parties



January 14, 9pm — 3am
Featuring: Bare Bones, Arteries, Boner Contention
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Harpoon Harry

January 18, 8pm — 3am
Featuring: Tim Sweeney,  Simon Caldwell, Kali, RAW SILK
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January 14, 9:30pm — 4am
Featuring: Meals on Heels with Lada Marks, Gender Bender Bingo with Carmen Geddit and Victoria Anthony, karaoke with Hannah Conda
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Maloney’s Hotel

January 14, 9pm — 4:30am
Featuring: DJ Bruna Girardi
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Poof Doof @ Ivy

January 18, 10pm — 4:30am
Featuring: Paul Mac, Peta Morris, Kato, Troy Beman
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Colombian Hotel

January 14, 10pm — late
Featuring: Miss Victoria Anthony
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The Flinders

January 17, 9pm — 4am
Featuring: Riley Holmes, Liam Woolz, Max Keller
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’90s Rave Party @ The Flinders

January 18, 9pm — 4am
Featuring: Ben Ashton, Dave Goode, Dan Ziran
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January 18, 9pm — 3:30am
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The Imperial Hotel

January 14, 10pm — 3am
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Hollywood Hotel

January 14, 2pm — midnight
Featuring: Christa Hughes
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Photo Credit: Emma Roberts/inthemix