Everything May Be Bad, But Lizzo’s Interview On ‘The Project’ Is 10 Minutes Of Pure Joy

"I'm hungover, this is just pure tequila coming out of my pores."

Lizzo the project photo

Now, a lot of the time, TV interviews with musicians can be cringeworthy, awkward — or sometimes just downright terrible. But occasionally, they can deliver the goods.

American singer Lizzo wrapped up her wildly popular Australian tour over the weekend — you know, the one which saw 12,000 people in the online queue to get tickets for her Sydney Opera House show — but before she left our shores, she dropped by The Project last night for a quick chat.

The resulting 10 minutes goes a long way to explaining why Lizzo has become so beloved: she spends most of the interview laughing, throwing cheeky shade at Project hosts Peter Hellier (“I don’t think you should be out here twerking. I don’t think that’s your thing sis”) and Fitzy (who she called a sexy kangaroo), and talking about her intense love of Beyoncé.

“I think i’ve seen every Beyoncé concert ever,” she told the panel. “I saw Destiny’s Child in Walmart when I was in the fifth grade, that was the first time I ever saw her perform. From then on I believe I’ve been to every concert – besides  the On The Run tour, because I was on my own tour.”

At one point she pauses to fan herself as she’s been laughing too hard: “I’m fucking hot bitch hold up — I don’t know y’all making me laugh and shit. I’m hungover, this is just pure tequila coming out of my pores.”

Predictably, viewers became obsessed.

Watch the full interview below, and prepare to feel joy.