Lindsay Lohan Is Still On Drugs, And Other Bombshells From Her Interview With Oprah

They're drugs for acid reflux. She has acid reflux.

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At the risk of starting this piece with the kinda cliche that’s filled up gossip mags for over a decade, it seems like Lindsay Lohan’s getting her career back on track, guys!

Just a couple of weeks after completing a self-imposed 90-day rehab stint, where she scored life advice from Ben Affleck and apparently annoyed her fellow patients by taking control of the centre’s TV viewing schedule (“She basically forced me to watch that crappy movie I Know Who Killed Me with her, the one where she plays a stripper,” a source hilariously told RadarOnline), Lindsay’s already filmed a well-received spot on the series finale of Eastbound & Downlaunched a shiny new website, and even hung out with former hoops star Shaquille O’Neal (that’s not weird at all).


And just hours ago, her much-anticipated chat with Queen Of All Media, Oprah (who, during the promo rounds for her new hit movie The Butler, unsurprisingly proved she doesn’t have much in common with Linds when she revealed that she last smoked weed in “1982” ), went to air in the States. Let us count the bombshells…

1. Remember when Lindsay said she’d used cocaine “maybe 4 or 5 times”? She meant “10-15 times”.

“I really haven’t done it more than 10 to 15 times,” Lindsay told Oprah. “Of course I said three to four! I was terrified and humiliated. No, it never felt good the next day. It allowed me to drink more. It went hand in hand with drinking.”

“Would you snort it? Inject it? Smoke it?” Oprah asked, demanding tips.

“Oh, my, no. I snorted it,” Lohan responded

So basically, she’s used cocaine 50-75 times.

2. We’ve really missed Oprah’s silent concentration face.

“Hmm…”, “Yes!”, “I see…”, shut up already, silent Oprah!

3. The only drug Lindsay takes now is Nexium… for her acid reflux.

Gah, that’s a good way to stop impressionable teens from entering the seductive world of recreational drug use; remind them of the drugs their parents take for their post-dinner burp-a-thons.

I know the feeling, Lindsay. I know the feeling.

In summary, what a yawnfest. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan’s set to star in a new movie! Here are a few scenes from it: