Lindsay Lohan’s Celebrity Sex List Got Some Big New Names

It's like the second announcement of a festival lineup.

Remember all those blacked out names on the epic celebrity sex list that Lindsay Lohan neatly scrawled and “tossed aside” at the Beverly Hills Hotel, only to have it gloriously rescued by some weird passerby and published a year later in last week’s InTouch Magazine? Well, InTouch have decided to un-black some of those blacked names. Like the world’s best onion, layers of mystery continue to be peeled from Lindsay Lohan’s fuck history.

Behold, the new and slightly longer list!


Among the newly revealed names are¬†Orlando (‘Orli’) Bloom, Ryan Phillippe, Benicio Del Toro, Ashton Kutcher and¬†Stavros Niarchos, who’s mostly famous for being that rich douchebag who dated Paris Hilton and an Olsen Twin and once offered a homeless dude $100 to let him pour a soft drink all over his head. I would have kept that one quiet if I was Lindsay.

So anyway, great list, and fairly impressive new additions. I’m still silently hoping that Tom Hanks is one of the remaining six winners. The anticipation is killing me.