TikTok Has Discovered That Cursed Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip-Biting Photo And Now It’s A Huge Meme

That's what he gets for having SO many lip bite selfies.

lin-manuel miranda lip bite tiktok

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By now you’ve seen that cursed photo of Lin-Manuel Miranda trying to do a seductive lip bite.

Well, it’s not hard to miss considering there are actually countless versions that exist for some reason. In December 2018, Lin posted his most iconic lip bite photo with absolutely no context. But his original lip bite pic actually came from a Twitter thread that Lin made during a Hamilton fitting in November 2018.

Documenting the costuming process, Lin posted a seven photo fitting journey thread and ended it with a cheeky bite of the lip and the caption: “IT’S OVERRRRR”.

In reality, the real journey had only just begun. While the cursed picture bubbled around on the internet for a while, it only really reached its peak this week when TikTok discovered its existence.

Clearly excited by Hamilton becoming more accessible after it made its way to Disney+, the new wave of fresh audiences naturally started to meme the musical. But beyond Jonathan Groff’s excessive spit as King George III and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s obsession with plastering his name all over Hamilton, people on TikTok have begun looking into the actors outside of the musical.

Namely, focusing in on Lin-Manuel Miranda and his very strange obsession with biting his lip in photos.

While the memes make very little sense and there’s no real way to trace where the Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip Biting TikTok trend started, it’s all quite hilarious. From people using Lin’s seductive thirst trap pose themselves to actually editing his photos to suit Nicki Minaj tracks, I’m obsessed with the ridiculousness of it all.

Some have even started making Lin-Manuel Miranda TikTok videos with storylines, in a real commitment to the meme.

But while the memes are stupid and funny, others are getting very fed up with seeing the composer, lyricist, actor, singer, *takes a breath* rapper, producer, and playwright all over their social feeds. Which, honestly, makes a whole lot of sense.

Lin, please stop thirst trapping on main. We’re scared.