Here’s The Funny Story Of The Time Lily Allen Got Kicked Out Of An Awards Show For Being High AF

"I was in a k hole."

If you’re a regular visitor to Twitter dot com, you might have noticed that over the weekend a lot of people were proudly sharing their best stories about being kicked out of a venue or event.

There were a few pearlers out there (including the tale of someone getting kicked out of a Kenny G concert for repeatedly yelling ‘TURN THE ALARM OFF’), but none could top British singer Lily Allen‘s story about getting thrown out of the 2008 Glamour Awards for snorting way too much ketamine:

Lily Allen

The incident was pretty scandalous at the time (the British press labelled her the “picture of inelegance“) but the ketamine part of the story wasn’t known about until now — most publications just assumed Allen was drunk.

She’s since shared a bunch of photos from the night, which do indeed show her literally being passed over a railing and thrown in a taxi:

“[Security] put me into an empty taxi, and then the paps caught wind, so my assistant shouted ‘go go go’,” Allen subsequently explained on Twitter.

“Obviously I couldn’t talk, or direct the driver so my assistant instructed the occupant of the car behind to ‘follow that cab’ — I believe the occupant was [British presenter] Alan Carr, I have no idea what happened next.”

Alan Carr then hopped into the thread to confirm the story: “I followed in the car behind with her brother Alfie — but we some how got there before her but then she was put straight to bed and I remember helping myself to a vodka and chatting with Alfie and Sam Sparro most of the night.”

Amazingly, even when she was being piled into the back of the cab “in a k hole”, Allen still managed to hold on to her award statue. She deserves another award just for that, to be quite honest.