You Need To Watch Lil Nas X’s Unbelievably Horny Performance At The VMAs

The internet is melting down.

Lil Nas X horny VMAs performance

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Lil Nas X is on top of the world right now.

The rapper, singer and breakout star has had an unbelievable 18 months, going from hit to hit with the release of ‘Montero’ and ‘Industry Baby’. Those two mega hits not only reflected his keen sense of his own identity, miniature songs of the self, they also made the personal universal, taking triumph and sending it mainstream. There’s a reason that they’ve sat at the top of the charts ever since their release — they speak to a deeply relatable sense of longing and self-understanding.

And now, just to top it off, Lil Nas X has had an extraordinary time at the VMAs, winning three awards including Best Music Video for ‘Industry Baby’. Oh, and then there’s the matter of his performance of the song, which featured everything from a marching band to glittering thongs.

In that way, it takes the imagery of the ‘Industry Baby’ music video — that last culture-shattering entry from Lil Nas X — and twists it into new directions, adding a singular level of camp and flair.

Watch it in full here:

Understandably, since the video has dropped, the internet has been lit up with reactions, with the consensus rapidly emerging that the rapper has outdone himself.


And just to top it all off, why not watch Lil Nas X’s endearingly humble acceptance of the Video of the Year award:

Truly it’s his world. We’re just living in it.