Lil Nas X Just Dropped A Remix Of ‘Old Town Road’ With The Yodelling Walmart Kid

It comes just hours after Billie Eilish attempted to knock him off the #1 spot with her 'bad guy' remix.

Lil Nas X Mason Ramsey

Earlier today, Billie Eilish dropped her rejigged ‘bad guy’, featuring Justin Bieber. As re-releases go, it was particularly soulless — a blatant attempt to grab the #1 spot from Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’, which has been sitting atop the charts for 14 weeks now.

But little did Eilish know that Lil Nas X had something in his back pocket to counter her move. Out of nowhere, he’s dropped a remix of ‘Old Town Road’, featuring Young Thug and good old Mason Ramsey — who you might remember as the small child who went viral last year for yodelling in a Walmart.

That’s one hell of a power move — and the track, of course, fucking slaps. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a tiny child sing: “If you ain’t got no giddee up then giddee out my way.”

True to form, the memes are beginning to flood in.

Listen to the ‘Old Town Road’ remix below. Billie Eilish, your move.