Lil Nas X’s Extremely Horny Performance Of ‘Montero’ Has Broken Everyone’s Brains

"Lil Nas X is triggering the “I don’t eat bananas in public” crowd and I LOVE it."

Lil Nas X

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‘Montero’ by Lil Nas X has been one of the biggest songs in the world for literal weeks now.

That’s unusual. We live in a culture where fads die deaths faster than gnats; where one pop hit is replaced by a new one before the dust has even settled.

But ‘Montero’ is different. First, there was the response to the song itself, which quickly became a hit on TikTok. Then there was the accompanying video, a controversy-courting literal dance with the devil that even spawned a lawsuit involving knock-off Nike shoes.

And ‘Montero’ isn’t dead yet. Just hours ago, at the BET Awards, Lil Nas X performed an unbelievably steamy — and just all-round dazzling — version of the song, dressed as an Egyptian pharaoh and surrounded by a troupe of talented dancers.

The whole thing is a worth a watch, of course, because everything that Lil Nas X does deserves your attention, But if there’s one moment that the internet is paying particular attention to, then it’s the three minute and thirty-four second mark of the above clip, in which Lil Nas X makes out with one back-up dancer while another drapes over his shoulders.

A Tweet from the publication them. probably put it best: “Happy Pride.”


Truly it’s Lil Nas X’s world. We’re just living in it.