Watch Lil Nas X Swiftly Shut Down Kevin Hart For Questioning His Decision To Come Out

Class act.

Lil Nas X and Kevin Hart on HBO's 'The Shop;

Lil Nas X took some time off tweeting to appear on HBO’s The Shop, a talkshow set in a barbershop. Unfortunately, comedian Kevin Hart was also there, who had no time for the rapper discussing why he decided to come out as gay during the height of ‘Old Town Road’ fever.

In a short clip that circulated online before the show aired, Lil Nas X is asked about making the “announcement” so early into his career — that is, when he came out in July — to which Hart loudly interjects to say, “He said he was gay, so what?”

Earlier this year, Hart both apologised and defended homophobic jokes he’d made in the past after he was forced to step down from hosting the Oscars amid strong backlash. In one tweet, he jokes he’d break a dollhouse over his son’s head if he ever found him playing with one.

Discussing it, Hart has continually stressed he has “no homophobic bone in his body”: in fact, that’s often the opening line of a lot of those jokes.

Lil Nas continues, saying: “It’s not being forced…I’m growing up to hate that shit.”

Hart and other guests express disbelief, and Hart asks ‘what shit’ he means. Rather than match the energy, Lil Nas calmly responds. “Homosexuality. Gay People. Come on now, if you’re really from the hood you know,” he tells Hart.

After that, Hart is silent, and Lil Nas is finally allowed to speak.

“For me, the cool dude with this song, on top of everything to say this any other time, [it could be seen as] I’m doing this for attention, in my eyes,” he says. “But if you doing this while you’re at the top, you know it’s for real and it’s showing it doesn’t really matter, I guess.”

On Twitter, Hart was criticised for essentially gaslighting Lil Nas X by acting as though we’re above and beyond discussing a coming out, when his own actions show exactly why it’s still essential.

Meanwhile, people celebrated Lil Nas’s composure in the moment.

Lil Nas X is about to drop the music video for his new single ‘Panini’, performing the song last week at the MTV VMAs.

Kevin Hart is currently in hospital after suffering back injuries in a car crash in California on Sunday — he is expected to make a full recovery.