Lil Nas X Dropped The Wildly Horny Video For ‘Industry Baby’ And It’s Melting People’s Minds


lil nas x industry baby photo

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Lil Nas X is one of the hottest popstars in the world right now — and in more ways than one.

The young superstar has spent the last 18 months on the top. First, he dropped the incendiary single ‘Montero’, a love letter to his younger self. Then, he followed it up with one of the most dizzying music video experiences of the year, a Satan-starring controversy machine. Not only did that video get him in trouble with America’s self-appointed right-wing culture warriors, a merch tie-in led the young ingenue to call down the wrath of  Nike, one of the biggest brands on the planet: the company is currently taking him to court over copyright infringement.

But now, Lil Nas X might have outdone himself: he’s just dropped a brand new music video for his single ‘Industry Baby’, and goodness gracious this thing is a trip.

Featuring fellow pop wunderkind Jack Harlow, the video sees Lil Nas X play a fictionalised version of himself, sentenced to prison life for an unspecified crime.

Of course, the subtext is plain as day: ‘Industry Baby’ is a play on the controversies that have embroiled the singer since he first appeared on the scene, not to mention the Nike lawsuit. It’s a kind of “careful what you wish for” fantasy, where Lil Nas X serves up the haters the punishment they so believe that he needs while continuing to serve. Not even when he’s down is Lil Nas down.

Watch the music video in full here, but prepare yourself first — it’ll get you feeling hot and heavy in no time.

Of course, because this is Lil Nas X we’re talking about, the internet has been abuzz with chatter about the clip ever since it dropped. The timeline is swamped with memes, many of them discreetly (and not so discreetly) horny comments about the young rapper’s knack for creating deeply salacious content.

It truly is Lil Nas X’s world — we’re just living in it.