Kwame Just Snatched The Best ‘Like A Version’ Of The Year With A Fire Kendrick Cover

Why the hell did we do our best Like A Versions of the year list already???

like a version kwame

Well, we’ve well and truly fucked this one up mates. Yesterday we published this little piece over here titled “The 10 Best Triple J ‘Like A Versions’ Of 2018”.

What fools we were! What hubris to make such concrete decisions knowing fully well hip-hop up-and-coming superstar Kwame was about to enter the Like A Version studio and make our list obsolete.

In the second last Like A Version for the year, the 21-year-old rapper, who took out this year’s Triple J Unearthed competition to open Splendour in the Grass, swanned into the JJJ studios and absolutely owned it.

Joined by a not exactly small jazz section Kwame decided to give his spin on current king of hip-hop Kendrick Lamar’s epic ‘Alright’. Getting deep down into that diaphragm, the young’un from Western Sydney gave a gravelly, intense vocal performance injecting the whole dang thing with the exact kind of energy you probably need on a Friday afternoon.

Whilst hanging out with Ben & Liam this morning, he also gave an equally spectacular rendition of his own bouncy as fuck tune ‘Wow’ which you can watch below.

The legend obviously has a huge future ahead of himself so you’re gonna wanna catch him live before he goes full Super Saiyan. He’s playing a few headline gigs next February, grab all the deets here.

Kwame, we’re sorry for dropping our best Like A Version list before you could wow us like this. We were wrong and will go sit in the corner and think about what we’ve done.