Alice Ivy, Allday, And Odette Banded Together For A Joyous TikTok-Inspired Like A Version

How bizarre, how bizarre.

alice ivy allday odette like a version photo

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If you’ll forgive the pun, one of the most bizarre trends on the very bizarre app TikTok is the sudden resurgence in popularity of the one-hit wonder ‘How Bizarre’.

The song, originally released back in 1995 by the New Zealand group OMC, has become a staple of the app almost two decades since its release, used as a punchline for a range of different trends.

And for good reason. The song’s just so goddamn cute, filled with the catchiest of pop hooks and held in place by a chorus that’s sung with a noticeable wink.

But now, ‘How Bizarre’ mania has been taken up another step: a group of uber-talented Australian musicians have banded together for Like A Version, and performed their own take on the classic.

The supergroup includes Alice Ivy, Allday and Odette, each titans in their own right. So it’s not very surprising that their cover is a lopsided, beautiful thing, one that pays real respect to the original while also letting the song’s essential…well, bizarreness, shine through.

Let’s just hope that this is the beginning, rather than the end of, OMC mania. Watch it, and Alice Ivy’s performance of her track ‘I’ll Find It’, below.