This 36-Second Video Of Liam Gallagher Perfectly Captures The Sad State Of The Music Industry

He just wants some tea.

Liam Gallagher

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If there is a single subject that Liam Gallagher doesn’t have an opinion on, we have yet to find it.

This week, the former Oasis frontman has taken a break from publicly deriding his brother, rap music and organised fun to instead direct his ire at sweet, innocent, tea. Or rather, the fact that he now has to make his own cuppa because of the downturn of record sales in the music industry.

“No one buys records these days,” Liam laments to BBC Three as he angrily stirs his tea backstage at a show. “In the ’90s I had about four people [making my tea]. A little geezer doing the kettle, some little c**t doing that, and some little kid doing that.

“Now ya gotta do it yourself these days — cos these smartesses download your fookin’ tunes for nish.”

If there’s a sadder indictment on the state of the music industry out there, we’d like to hear it.