A Festival Was Forced To Ban Potato Peelers And As Usual, It’s Liam Gallagher’s Fault

The festival is ~starchly~ committed to the ban.

UK festival Parklife has been forced to officially add vegetable peelers to their list of banned items after being inundated with requests from Liam Gallagher fans.


If you’re not across the history of Liam And The Potato Peelers, here’s a brief summary: a few months back, Gallagher invited fans to peel potatoes at his gig in London — a direct dig at his brother Noel, who had brought someone on stage to “play” the scissors during his performance on Later…with Jools Holland a couple of days earlier.

Sure enough, a few devoted fans brought along potatoes and peeled them during the gig. And since then, it’s become commonplace for fans to bring the kitchen implement to Gallagher’s shows:

So when Gallagher was announced as a headliner for Manchester’s Parklife late last week, the festival was immediately flooded with calls from Gallagher fans who wanted to bring peelers to the event.

“We’ve been so blown away by this week’s launch and the demand for tickets, but even more blown away at how many people have asked to bring in potato peelers for Liam’s main stage performance,” festival organiser Sacha Lord-Marchionne told the Manchester Evening News.

“In case you’re wondering — the answer is most definitely no!”

Liam has yet to respond to the Parklife’s No Peeler policy — but given how vocal he is on just about every other subject, we doubt it’ll take him long to open his mouth.

Watch our recent interview with the great man himself below: