Everyone Is Laughing At This Man Who’s Afraid Of The “Gay Agenda” Sandwich

"Sandwiches... is it gay to have lettuce, guacamole, bacon, and tomato?"

LGBT Gay sandwich

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A man is upset over a nine-month-old sandwich, which he believes is part of the gay agenda.

On Wednesday, American media personality Tariq Nasheed tweeted his thoughts about a lettuce, guacamole, bacon and tomato sandwich. According to Tariq, the LGBT sandwich was clear evidence of the gay agenda taking over the world.

“‘Bu bu bu but, AiN’t nO aGeNdA’…,” he tweeted alongside a photo of the delicious ~super gay~ looking sandwich placed inside a rainbow box.

The LGBT sandwich in question was originally sold by Marks & Spencer in 2019 as part of a Pride promotion to raise awareness and funds for LGBT+ youth. In support of the sandwich, the retailer donated over $21,000 to the Albert Kennedy Trust and BeLong to Youth Services — two LGBT+ focused charities in the UK.

While the sandwich is not new, Tariq’s large following and controversial opinions brought attention to the LGBT BLT again. However, not many shared the same opinion as Tariq with most just confused over how a grown man could be scared of a literal sandwich.

After the initial shock of seeing someone get angry at a sandwich wore off, people started poking fun at Tariq for his fear of the sandwich that held the magical power to turn everyone gay. Claiming that two slices of bread, a some random vegetables and a couple slabs of bacon actually were part of the LGBT+ agenda, the queer community took the idea and ran with it.

Others just questioned which part of the sandwich made it gay exactly – was it the tomato being cut too slim? Or the lettuce touching the bacon? Maybe the way the guac was smooshed into bread specifically screamed “IT’S GAY TIME, BABY!”

Either way, the mere idea that a sandwich supports the “gay agenda” is just wild. As one person perfectly put it: “What’s the agenda? A clever play on the name of a popular sandwich while showing support for a marginalised group? I’m so scared !!1!1!1!”