This Aussie Comedian Finding Out Prince Philip Died Right After Sledging Him Is Truly Glorious

"Cant believe a corpse died and then Lewis managed to murder him again."

Lewis Spears Prince Philip

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Aussie comedian Lewis Spears was caught in an awkward situation on Friday night when he learned that Prince Philip had died… right after telling a Prince Philip joke in the middle of his comedy set.

Uploading the footage to his YouTube channel, Lewis Spears captured the unfortunate, yet hilarious, moment when an audience member handed over their phone to prove that the Queen’s hubby had literally just died as he finished his joke.

“The royals are in the news… the Royal Family, the royal controversy,” Spears started, referring to the explosive Oprah with Meghan and Harry interview from last month. “Oh, can you believe that the royals are bad people? Yes! They live in castles. Of course they’re not very nice — have you guys not seen Shrek?”

“Meghan Markle says the royal family is racist… also yes! Have you guys seen Prince Philip? That cunt is 3,000 years old, I’m pretty sure he invented racism,” Spears continued before being interrupted by audience members shouting about the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

“He’s dead,” exclaimed one person. “He died tonight!” closely followed another.

With Spears clearly in shock by the news, one man in the audience decided to offer proof through The Royal Family’s public statement pulled up on his phone. In response, Lewis Spears didn’t stop his jokes about Prince Philip. Instead, he decided to roast the Duke of Edinburgh even harder.

“Can I just say: A bit overdue,” he continued to royally sledging Prince Philip. “Are we sure he died today? I reckon he died 10 years ago and they wheel him out attached to strings for special events.”

“That guy’s looked dead for about 3000 years… how about that photo of him leaving hospital? That was him leaving. Fucking put him back in. He’s not done.”

Despite joking that he would “get into so much trouble” for his Prince Philip set, comments under Spears’ video proved the opposite.

“Lewis has, perhaps, the best comedic timing in the world,” one person wrote. “Cant believe a corpse died and then Lewis managed to murder him again.”

“Lewis roasted him so hard that he died of embarrassment before the joke was even told,” wrote another.

Chatting to Junkee about the perfect comedic timing of it all, Lewis Spears explained that the first thought he had when he was told about Prince Philip’s death was disappointment that it wasn’t a different member of the royal family.

“Initially, I was disappointed that it wasn’t Prince Andrew,” Spears told Junkee. “After that I was shocked, excited and ready to represent our prison colony by laying into the Royal Family with everything I had.”

Thankfully, because he had already been doing a Prince Philip bit for a few weeks, not all of Spears’ material had to be thought up on the spot. In fact, the comedian explains that what’s seen in the clip is about “half-written and half-improvised”, with Spears thinking he actually might have “cursed” Prince Philip over the last month with his jokes.

“I had been doing Prince Philip jokes for a few weeks now, which makes me think I may have cursed him,” Spears explained. “Just in case the curse is real, I’d like to dedicate all future shows to Prince Andrew.”

And despite all the love from the younger generations, boomers have naturally been a bit angry with the comedians jokes about the dead. But Spears reckons they should actually be thanking him instead for his service.

“Lots of upset boomers are angry at me for telling a few jokes about an old Royal, but to be honest they should thank me,” Spears told Junkee. “After this run of comedy shows, I will have roasted old Philip so much they won’t have to cremate him.”

Lewis Spears is currently performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and you can keep tabs on the COVID-safe gigs he has going around Australia here