Lena Dunham Has Declared Herself A Gay Ally, Asks For Her Casket To Be Driven In Pride Parade

"Wanting to be the centre of attention even after she’s dead is actually very on brand for Lena Dunham."

Lena Dunham Pride Tweet

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Lena Dunham has come out of the woodwork with an odd tweet declaring her last will and testament would be for her body to *check notes* pass through NYC’s annual Pride Parade.

As a 2016 Junkee headline once read, that has become relevant yet again all these years on: ‘Oh God, Lena Dunham Said A Thing Again’. It’s almost like in these troubling times we find ourselves in, the one consistency we can rely on is Dunham saying something whack.

“When I go, I want my casket to be driven through the NYC Pride Parade, with a plaque that reads ‘she wasn’t for everyone, but she *was* for us’ — who can arrange?” the actor and writer spitballed on Monday. Ally, we guess?

However the LGBTIQ+ community simply do not want her to do any such thing, taking to the internet to express their confusion and concern.

“She died as she lived: in a ploy for attention that was as puzzling as it was desperate,” one user commented.

“No cops or Lena Dunham’s corpse at Pride,” another wrote. “We do NOT assert ownership. Arrangements for the safe disposal of Lena Dunham in accordance with state and federal law remains the responsibility of the heterosexual community,” a third person shared.

Many were quick to point out that Dunham was simply doing what she does best — inadvertently proving a point about millennial self-absorption that she’s trying to comment on.

“Lena Dunham was truly the voice of a generation: white women in the 2010s using allyship to glorify themselves,” read a tweet in response.

The Girls star has remained relatively off the grid since her hit show wrapped up in 2016, marred by a controversy over her memoir two years earlier recounting her childhood, and using the years gone by to defend a writer accused of sexual assault, reportedly made up historic abuse claims about her rescue dog, said she was sad she’d never had an abortion, and compared Bill Cosby to the Holocaust.

Perhaps her astute commentary on supporting the Pride Parade is another example of an unchecked stream of consciousness, or perhaps it’s a publicity stunt for her recently released film, Catherine Called Birdy. But maybe, just maybe, someone should vibe check her tweets before she hits send, too.