Watch In Awe As Leikeli47 Demolishes ‘No Diggity’ For Like A Version

'No Diggity' has maybe never sounded better.

Leikeli47 no diggity photo

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There’s no two ways about it: Leikeli47 is the future of American pop.

The mask-wearing R&B and rap artist has spent the last few years dropping some of the most incendiary and blasted singles in the game. 2018’s Acryllic, her second studio record, demonstrated a bravery that most musicians don’t show after 10 albums, let alone one.

And that’s not to mention her live performances, which have already become the thing of legend. They are must-see spectacles, face-melting gamuts that combine furious bars with the expert polish of a performer totally at home on the stage.

But if you’re not on the Leikeli47 train yet, not to worry. An easy entry point has been gifted to you this morning in the form of an astonishing Like A Version set, in which the rapper tore the roof of Blackstreet’s iconic ‘No Diggity’.

Clad in her trademark mask, Leikeli47 leaned into the R&B roots of Blackstreet, layering a brass section over a simple beat, and the gorgeous, whiskey-and-honey tones of her voice.

Watch the thing below, and be transformed: