Lee Lin Chin And Barnaby Joyce Are Feuding On Twitter And What Is Australian Politics

"Sir this is a McDonald's drive thru"

Barnaby Joyce Lee Lin Chin

Remember Barnaby Joyce?

The Liberals haven’t been the only party to switch leader this year: it’s been almost six months since Joyce resigned as leader of the National Party.

And he might be a little bored.

Late last night, Joyce tweeted out this in response to political commentator Peter van Onselen:

He then chilled out for 20 minutes, and must have liked his reply so much that he decided to send it out again as its own individual tweet.

And fellow late night tweeters hit back quick, including Lee Lin Chin.

Others piled on.

Joyce resigned to the LNP backbench after a string of controversies damaged his political brand: he was found to have had an affair with former staffer Vikki Campion, and had a claim of sexual harassment levelled against him which is yet to be resolved. Joyce strongly denies the claim.

Last week, Joyce made headlines for arguing that “people in the Kmart, people in the local club” don’t care about the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Climate policy — and in particular a debate around whether Australia should match the emissions reduction target laid out in the Paris Agreement with its own domestic policy — kickstarted Parliament House’s insane past week.

New Prime Minister Scott Morrison is easing into his first weekend on the job, and is set to announce his ministry later today or tomorrow.