The Second Leaders Debate Has Been Dubbed A “Genuine Shit Blizzard”

"Dear God. Make it stop."

leaders debate

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison and opposition leader Anthony Albanese went head to head in the second debate of the election campaign last night, hosted by Nine.

By most accounts, the debate was an absolute mess, with The Guardian’s Katharine Murphy dubbing it “a genuine shit blizzard”. The debate has been criticised for its weird format, lack of moderation and simply the fact that we had to listen to both Morrison and Albanese’s incoherent ramblings so late on a school night.

In an extremely weird move considering the ABC offered earlier timeslots of any day, the debate didn’t kick off until after Lego Masters and Big Brother.

It was truly a painful watch for anyone who endured the experience last night.

Thankfully, between the endless interruptions and “gotcha” questions, we did manage to get some entertainment in the form of Albanese serving this slam-dunk on the PM.

While we’re on the topic of jokes, Morrison — who promised, and failed to deliver a federal ICAC — also asserted that he’s never seen corruption in the Liberal party. So, I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it!

The three pre-election debates are designed to target undecided voters, giving both leaders the opportunity to sway them in their favour. However, the second debate ended up being so messy that it likely just left undecided voters even more confused.

It’s hard to tell who actually won the debate because there are reports that Nine’s voting system was malfunctioning and making it impossible to actually vote for Albanese.

Ultimately, Nine deemed it a 50/50 split for each leader, but if you ask social media, the only winners are the people who didn’t watch this dumpster fire.

The 2022 federal election is less than two weeks away and the pre-polls have officially opened today for those wishing to cast their vote early.