“You Can Go Fuck Yourself”: LCD Soundsystem Is The Latest Band To Slam Margaret Court

"I'm not one to get in old people's faces for being ignorant, but..."

LCD Soundsystem

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LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy didn’t have much to say at last night’s Melbourne show at Margaret Court Arena. Onstage banter was limited to a bunch of “thanks”, and one passing commendation for people not being on their phones (as he also gave out in Sydney). But there was one moment which stood out between songs.

About halfway through the band’s set, Murphy became the latest touring musician to take a stand against tennis legend-turned-notoriously controversial figure Margaret Court.

“I’m not one to get in old people’s faces for being ignorant, but when you come after my family, my friends… you can go fuck yourself,” he said. “This seems like a really nice place to play so let’s have us come back next year, and let’s rename this place.”

The 7,500-strong crowd erupted in cheers.

It’s been two months since Margaret Court first advocated boycotting Qantas due to the airline’s support of marriage equality. Since then she’s doubled down making extremely offensive remarks about the LGBT community; people have also dug into her past views which include support of apartheid.

Though Margaret Court Arena has repeatedly distanced itself from her statements, instead advocating equality, there are persisting calls to rename the venue that stands in her honour.

A number of tennis players have called for MCA to change its name, and playing at the venue has become an inherently political act for touring musicians. Ryan Adams was the first to stand against Court’s statements as his show was scheduled for that night, followed by Grinspoon and Sigur Ros. The latter two acts commissioned specialty merch for their gigs advocating marriage equality with all proceeds going to advocacy organisation Australian Marriage Equality.

Sigur Ros are playing at the venue tonight and have previously called for it to be “Margaret Court Arena’s most inclusive night ever”. “[Let’s] call for every Australian to have the same dignity and respect right here on centre court.”

Though much of the media furore has died down around Court and her comments in the past month, the issue looks to be holding strong inside the venue itself. Upcoming acts at Melbourne Court Arena include Placebo, London Grammar and Tash Sultana. It could be a rocky road ahead to the Australian Open in January.