Laurie Oakes Called Malcolm Turnbull “Prime Minister Trumble” To His Face, And It Was Incredible


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The public humiliation of Malcolm Turnbull is complete. After days of low-key negging by the Trump administration that saw the President fire off a mean tweet about him and White House officials repeatedly stuff up his name and title, the Prime Minister went on 60 Minutes on Sunday night only to be greeted by Laurie Oakes as “Prime Minister Trumble”.

Turnbull responded to the blow with an awkward chuckle, his forced smile doing little to hide the fact that he was obviously imagining strangling the veteran journalist with his own necktie.

“It’s funny, but it’s a bit offensive too, isn’t it, that the White House spokesman doesn’t bother to get your name right?” asked Oakes.

“The important thing is results, Laurie,” replied the PM, now presumably thinking about bashing the reporter over the head with a chair. “I advanced Australia’s case, we secured the commitment we wanted from the President, and I thank him for it.”

Turnbull went on to insist that the refugee deal, under which the United States had pledged to take up to 1,250 refugees currently imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru, would still go ahead. “It’s a deal obviously that President Trump has said he wouldn’t have entered into but he has committed to honour it,” the Prime Minister said.

But Oakes was like a dog with a bone. “When the American President bullies an Australian Prime Minister, and basically accuses Australia of trying to have a lend of America, that must have implications for the relationship, maybe even for the alliance?” he asked.

“We have a very longstanding alliance which is in both the interest of the United States and the interest of Australia,” replied Turnbull, before adding that “I always stand my ground.”

Sure you do mate. Sure you do.