Everyone Is Gently Roasting The Incredibly Obvious Twist In ‘Last Christmas’

We all knew it after seeing the first trailer...

Last Christmas twist spoilers

From the moment that the very first trailer dropped, everybody knew that something was up with Last Christmas.

Extensive spoilers for Last Christmas follow.

On face value, the film presented itself as a nice, normal Christmas rom-com. Directed by comedy legend Paul Feig, one of the brains behind Freaks And Geeks, and starring Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones fame, the film purported to be a meet-cute inspired by the music of George Michael.

But even from that very first clip, everybody knew what was up. Tom (played by Henry Golding), the male romantic lead, was very clearly a ghost.

I mean, watch the trailer and tell me that it’s not obvious. The guy’s too perfect, he pops up mysteriously at the strangest moments, and he has the wistful smile of someone who misses being a flesh-and-blood human being:

Well, the embargo for Last Christmas reviews went up last night. And guess what? The internet was absolutely, one hundred per cent correct.

See, as the trailer tells us, Clarke’s character had a near-death experience. Turns out that the only way she survived that accident was by getting a donated heart from a dead person. That dead person? Tom. He’s a ghost guiding her to make better use of his heart.

And here’s the particularly groan-worthy bit. Remember I told you that this film was inspired by the music of George Michael? Well, how does the chorus of ‘Last Christmas’ go? Something like, “last Christmas, I gave you my heart?”

Yep. Rough.

Anyway, understandably, ever since reviews of the film has been posted, the internet has been going buckwild for the twist.

Of course, given that Last Christmas stars one of the most adored young actors of the moment, this thing is gonna make a lotta money. But still, pretty funny that literally everybody knew what was going to happen on this one.