Lana Del Rey Changed Her ‘Blue Banisters’ Album Cover After Being Mercilessly Roasted

"She bought Picsart premium."

lana del rey blue banisters album cover photo

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There’s something about Lana Del Rey and album covers.

On the upside, Del Rey has made beautiful contributions to her overall image through her album artwork — think of the instantly iconic Norman Fucking Rockwell image, or that shimmering black-and-white photograph that first introduced her to the world.

But Lana’s covers have also landed her in hot water online. First, there was the largely self-generated controversy over the Chemtrails Over The Country Club imagery, which was dropped with a bizarre missive about diversity and inclusion.

And then there was the much less politicised, but no less controversy-generating image for the forthcoming Lana Del Rey album Blue Banisters, which was, well… Not very good. When the image first dropped online, fans immediately turned it into a meme, deciding that it looked like it had been assembled on a free photo-editing app.

Here’s the image…

And here are just some of the memes.

There was even briefly an online petition calling for Lana Del Rey to be banned from Picsart, which became a meme in and of itself.

So, considering all that ribbing, it makes sense that Del Rey has changed the image, opting for something a little more, let’s say… professional.

The official album cover is a different beast entirely; much classier, much more simple, while still managing to retain the kitsch necessary to the entire Lana Del Rey project. Cast your eyes upon it:

Because this is Lana Del Rey, and everything that she does causes waves, the new album cover has spawned a huge number of memes online. Mostly, fans seem positive about the change — which makes sense, given the reception to the original cover.

It’s not all good news for Lana stans, mind you. The new album was due out today, but Del Rey has delayed the release, now only saying it will come out later, with a single out “soonish“, without providing further information than that. Oh well. “Soonish” is better than nothing; and given this is Del Rey, it will certainly be worth the wait. Get around a snippet of the new single below:


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