The New Lamb Ad Wants Us To Become One With New Zealand And Share Jacinda Ardern

The Lamb Ad trains its sights on why we should put aside our differences and become one with New Zealand

The Lamb Ad is here!

Yep, that’s right, that Australian cultural institution, an annual advert designed to encourage more Aussies to chow down on lamb, has just dropped.

This year it’s a gentle neg of all the things we’re shit at (holding onto Prime Ministers! Electing good ones! Not cheating at sports! Coming up with our own stuff rather than nicking it from other countries!), and a call for unity with our neighbours across the sea, those ole mates in New Zealand.

Detailing a plan by a bunch of intrepid savvy marketing gurus to steer Australia back onto the right track after years of political malfeasance and ineptitude at sports, the lamb ad has a modest proposal: namely that we should put aside our past differences, and form one big happy country with New Zealand.

It’s easy to see why we might be interested in the idea. After all, from the deal we’d get, A) A Prime Minister whose name people actually know overseas, and B) Genuine bragging rights over the Pavlova, which we’ve been claiming we came up with for far too long.

At this stage, it’s not entirely clear what our New Zealand brethren would get aside from lamb (A gaggle of inept politicians? Some kangaroos? A startlingly culturally entrenched bout of tall poppy syndrome?), but hey, if we can trick them into accepting the deal, then that’s the very definition of their problem to deal with.

Amidst all the great puns in the ad (the proposed trading of “prime lamb for Prime Minister” is a particularly good one), there’s also a neat little call for the need to change the date.

That’s in line with previous lamb ads, which have had a habit of getting involved in contemporary socio-political issues ranging from Invasion Day to multiculturalism, for mostly the better rather than the worse.

Who knew watching a lamb ad would turn into an annual tradition?