Everyone Is Obsessed With This Flawless Edit Of Lady Gaga And Kylie Minogue

"That was an actual orgasm I just had."

kylie minogue lady gaga photo

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Last month, Lady Gaga released her highly anticipated sixth album, Chromatica.

It was a compact and complex listen: with 16 tracks running to just 44 minutes, there was a lot of ground covered in a short amount of time.

For the most part, reviews have been positive — tracks like ‘Sine From Above’ (featuring a somewhat bizarre Elton John vocal) and ‘911’ have become fan favourites alongside previously released singles ‘Rain On Me’ and ‘Stupid Love’.

‘911’, in particular, is a highlight of the record, with a pulverising bassline that recalls underrated cut ‘Government Hooker’ from Born This Way. 

It’s not just the track itself, but the way it’s introduced — with a stunning and seamless transition from preceding instrumental ‘Chromatica II’. The moment has been memed to the moon and back:

But today’s edit is by far the most goosebump-inducing. Twitter user Maxwell Fong posted his updated ‘Chromatica II’ transition last night, but instead of slipping into ‘911’, it goes into Kylie Minogue’s iconic ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’.

Hear for yourself:

The reaction has been swift:

It’s about time for a collab, we reckon.