Lady Gaga Fans Are Pretending To Be Soccer Moms And Going Absolutely Wild On The Internet Today

"My DAUGHTER told Me2 Tweeter This! #PERFECTILLUSION She said If I Do NOT help It TREND, She WILL burn our House Down."

Lady Gaga’s latest single ‘Perfect Illusion’ is dropping this Friday and depending on how into Lady Gaga you are this is either a very exciting or very confusing time to be on the internet.

The excitement comes from the fact this is the first track off the singer’s highly anticipated fifth album. Though details are pretty scarce, we know that ‘Perfect Illusion’ was produced by an amazing team including Mark Ronson and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and radio stations are now starting to hype its release.

The confusion? Some of Gaga’s fans are celebrating all this by flooding Twitter with messages that range from cute and daggy to sexual and/or lightly threatening — most of which are being posted through the guise of fictional middle-aged women.

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As BuzzFeed’s Brad Esposito reported earlier today, a post was shared on Gaga fan blogs overnight that outlines a plan to get the new song on the radio as much as possible.

“If you have a stan Twitter don’t request using it,” the post reads. “Radio hosts hate homosexuals and stan Twitters, it’s a fact. Make an account with a soccer mom selfie avatar [preferably a stock photo], make your username something like ‘ilovemykids123’ and write a bio about how you have three kids and a husband. Then write a tweet like ‘@RadioStation ahah my kids luv this new GaGa song!!! driving me mad on my way to work!! play it please’.”


Screenshot via GagaDaily/BuzzFeed

“DJs all over the world think that the [general population] is actually living for the song, therefore playing it more often.”

Posts from stations including Australia’s KIIS 1065FM and XTRARADIO from the Netherlands have now been swamped with Gaga-related tweets from new accounts. These include @AmyLuvsHerKids, @007SoccerMom007, 67-year-old “barefoot bowls enthusiast” Barbara Raramona, and Susan Urie who is “straighter than [her] daughter’s ruler”, the plan is going pretty well.

While the original idea and initial tweets are definitely to be commended, the true genius is in the commitment to the bit. These accounts, each created less than 24 hours ago, are glorious and densely-layered patchworks of confetti, flourless brownies, Hillary Clinton love, and white-hot crazy.

The Wrath Of The Fake Soccer Moms

After the original post about this went up on BuzzFeed, the fake accounts went into full meltdown mode. Laura Boles, whose picture suggests she is a part-time hair model for “simple short hairstyles fro women over 50”, wanted to tell the writer she was actually a very real person.

“Donald Tramp” supporter Becky Van Derbooben has started a petition to “Stop BUSFEED”.

Esposito’s DMs are now a minefield of anger, obsession and thirst.

All this to say Gaga’s Little Monsters are either the most incredible fan base around or this is the most inspired and straight-up insane marketing campaign in the history of civilisation. Either way, please, please don’t @ me. 

Feature image via @BarbLovesChrist… and also, coincidentally, this stock dental model.