Kyle Sandilands Has Banned Dominic Perrottet From His Show Because He Doesn’t Like His “Vibe”

“He’s not allowed, I don’t want that rubbish.”

kyle sandilands dom perrottet

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KIIS radio host Kyle Sandilands has officially banned New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet from appearing on the show after just one day in office. According to my calculations, this is the second good point Sandilands has made this year and honestly, I love this for him.

Sandilands made the bold call during an on-air interview with a celebrity psychic, in which he and co-host Jackie O were discussing Perrottet’s conservative views.

Celebrity psychic medium Georgina Walker asserted he would be a “strong leader”, but predicted he wouldn’t be popular with voters. “I do tend to think his own personal ideology could see some significant changes in the laws to come,” she said. “I think he will be a really good leader, but I think he will ruffle a lot of feathers in regard to his strong religious belief centres.”

However, it is worth noting that she is a celebrity psychic and not a political expert of any kind, so her comments should be taken with an enormous grain of salt until we actually see where Perrottet takes his leadership.

In what is perhaps the most relatable thing Sandilands has ever said, the shock-jock radio host asserted that he doesn’t like Perrottet’s “vibe”. “Oh this guy’s gotta go, he’s never allowed on the show guys, just so you know,” he announced. “He’s not allowed, I don’t want that rubbish.”

For those unaware, Perrottet is part of the New South Wales Liberal Party’s conservative right faction and holds some pretty controversial views, to put it lightly. Perhaps most notably, he voted against abortion rights in New South Wales and asserted that those who are pro-abortion are on the “wrong side of history.”

He also has a pretty long history of being against marriage equality, gender-neutral pronouns, welfare and even went so far as to oppose a bill that would force priests to disclose child sexual abuse.

“Now I understand the motivation and the rationale for this legislation, as I’m sure everyone here does. As a Catholic I find a sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups that have gone on in the church, a crushing betrayal, not only of the victims, but of believers too,’’ Perrottet said at the time.

It’s rare that Kyle Sandilands makes a good point but a broken clock, etc etc.