We Are Surprised To Inform You That Kyle Sandilands’ Vaccination Ad Is Actually Very Good

"Lay down your tinfoil hats and just get vaxxed" might be one of the most direct and important lines of the year.

Kyle Sandilands vaccine music video

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It is of pressing importance that every Australian eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine does so as soon as possible. The advantages of a thoroughly vaccine-saturated population are multi-fold. Not only does the vaccine greatly decrease the chance of serious illness or death from the virus, it also slows the spread.

Given that importance, multiple sources have produced campaigns in order to encourage eligible Australians to get vaccinated. These have ranged from the very bad, very graphic advert released earlier this month, to the far more uplifting Victorian campaign, produced in collaboration with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

And now a new, unlikely player has entered the vaccine ad game — none other than Kyle Sandilands himself. And here’s the thing: his contribution is good.

I know, I’m as surprised as you are. But the Kyle Sandilands music video, titled ‘Get Vaxxed Baby’, is simple, clear, fun and direct. It focuses on the benefits of a vaccinated population, noting that once vaccine milestones have reached, international travel could be back on the cards. And rather than trying to scare an already concerned viewership, it lifts the famous riff of ‘Under Pressure’ and turns it into a roll call of positive outcomes and tongue-in-cheek jokes.

Lay down your tinfoil hats and just get vaxxed” might be one of the most direct and important lines of the year. The accompanying music video is just as entertaining, featuring Sandilands repping Astro-Zeneca and Pfizer with a bandana on his face.

Sandilands has been surprisingly active in getting the messaging out about vaccines, using his radio show with Jackie O to spruik the public health concern and debunk conspiracy theories. That’s definitely a good thing — the age range that Sandilands speaks to are precisely the people who need to get out there and get the jab, with research showing that too many older Australians are waiting rather than signing up.

Watch the music video in full here: