Iconic Newtown Cocktail Bar Kuletos Is Being Sold After 42 Years

Farewell sweet prince.

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Tragedy has once again struck Sydney’s inner west after the legendary Newtown pub Kuletos was listed for sale on Tuesday.

The venue most lovingly known for its rooftop bar and generous cocktail happy hour shared the tragic news yesterday, citing rising demand for fringe venues in Sydney’s inner west as the reason behind the sale.

Kuleto’s sprawling size across its multiple levels and central location on Newtown’s iconic King Street was listed as a boon by realtors HTL Property, who further suggested the building’s new owners could install poker machines to increase the venue’s profits.

Owned and operated by Donna Asensio for a staggering 42 years, Kuletos’s is a Newtown institution that functioned as a beacon for couples on awkward Tinder dates, and uni students pursuing cheap Long Island Iced Teas alike.

News of the sale instantly attracted tributes from mourners across the internet, shocked at the sudden loss of a venue that seemed to always survive against all odds.

Closing only briefly during the pandemic, Kuletos managed to survive and thrive against all odds while “trendier” Newtown bars were slowly crushed by the brutal weight of King Street rental prices.

The news of the pending sale comes as another iconic Newtown restaurant Steki Taverna, beloved for its late-night service, announced that it would be closing its doors after 39 years, hinting a change of address down the line.

Kuletos is accepting expressions of interest from potential buyers until submissions close on September 29.

Junkee has reached out to Kuleto’s for comment.