Heck Yes, Kristen Wiig Might Be The Villain In ‘Wonder Woman 2’

She's in talks to play an evil cheetah lady.

Kristen Wiig

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Comedy goddess Kristen Wiig is pegged to play the villain in Wonder Woman 2, and it’s extremely great news because Kristen Wiig is wonderful. Story over!

DC’s Wonder Woman was a considerable smash-hit success, and there’s a lot of expectation and buzz about the proposed second film, so the news of the Saturday Night Live and Bridesmaids star potentially joining the cast is a great sign.

Wiig is slated to play one of Wonder Woman’s classic nemesi, the villainous “Cheetah”. In the comics Cheetah is an archeologist named Barbara Anne Minerva, who made a deal with an ancient god for super strength and claws. There have been quite a few incarnations of this character over the years, so it’s unknown what Wiig’s character will draw the most inspiration from, but most of them really hate Wonder Woman

Kristen Wiig is a weirdly perfect choice for a power-hungry archaeologist, and it will be interesting to see if she brings her comedy chops to the role. For barely any reason whatsoever, let’s watch one of her best sketches from SNL.

Not a huge amount is known about Wonder Woman 2, except that it will be again directed by Patty Jenkins with Gal Godot returning as the wonderful woman herself. It’s going to be set in the US during the Cold War crisis. People are keen:

Wonder Woman 2 is set to be released on November 1, 2019.